Solving the military domestic violence crisis requires teamwork

“The generosity of our funding partners makes our work possible, bringing us closer to achieving our vision of  a military culture free from domestic violence.”
Jennifer, Founder & Survivor

We are fortunate to work with partners – foundations, financial institutions, and brands – who share our passion and vision. Together, we are saving lives with safety resources and empowerment tools across the United States. 


Our partnerships come in all shapes and sizes — from yearly grants to crowdfunding campaigns. There are a variety of ways we can partner to help us both achieve our goals and ensure safety for our military families. 


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Provide funding to change lives


Donations and grants from corporations, foundations, and individuals are critical to changing the lives of military families. Access to safe housing and empowerment resources improves mental and physical health, empowers women, increases family income, and increases access to education. Creating a safe home changes everything, and you can make that possible by providing funds to Operationfoxhole.org

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Organizations making an Impact

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Collaboration Inquiries

We partner with these corporations and foundations and others like them to change the lives of military families. Together, we are making a big impact on the people and communities that need it the most. Please complete the form below to collaborate with us! 

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Supporting the cause has an affect on saving lives. Donate now to aid the fight against domestic violence within the military > DONATE NOW!